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The Utica Club Beers (continued)

I should tell you that Utica Club has a watered-down brother known as Utica Club Light. Since UC is already a fairly light and dry brew, I really don't see the reason for the Light version. So I will say no more of that brew except with this paraphrasing of a wizened old friend of mine, "if you're getting fat from drinking regular beer: just buy bigger pants."

Now let me sing for a minute the praises of both Utica Club Pilsener Lager and the late Utica Club Cream Ale.

The Pilsener Lager and the Cream Ale were similar in all the right ways and yet different enough to complement each other like an elderly married couple. The Pilsener is dry and crisp, bubbling the tartar off your molars as it disappears down your gullet. When you finish a sip, you are hardly left with any taste at all but you have the unmistakable feeling that something special just happened. It's perfect for a summer day and pairs well with any bbq-ed meat or fish. Once you've sipped an ice-cold UC, you wonder why Anheuser-Busch even tries.

The Cream Ale on the other hand was almost luxurious. It melted its way down your throat like a lactic dream. The Cream Ale was a rare 4-season beer. This was because it could behave like a slightly heavier beer without causing undue bloat. It stood up bravely to a hearty stew or roast on a chilly October night while at the same time could refresh an overheated bocce player on a humid August day. God how I miss that Cream Ale.

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