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Feedback to this Site

These are taken from actual emails I've received. I'm not kidding.
"Somehow I stumbled across your website - and it was the best thing that has happened today, or this week, or maybe even this month ... I am originally from Schenectady, NY and share your passion for the old Utica Club. I have to say that I could not believe my eyes when they beheld your shrine. You are doing a great service to humanity my friend - a great service indeed."
     - H.H., San Francisco, CA
"Well done. I am more than a little nostalgic as I write this."
     - D.M. Washington, DC
"Beautiful! I fully support the return of UC Cream Ale as well. I didn’t even remember them having Maximus Regular."
     - D.B. Albany, NY
"... this site is magnificent. I am inspired, and will be certain to return to Utica for Thanksgiving, and visit the brewery shop on the day after. I feel like sneaking into Stanley's, Camacho's, and who knows were else to soak on UC and seek refreshment as if I were an overheated bocce player ..."
     - A.P. Manhattan, NY
"I was very impressed with your page of information on Shultz & Dooley."
     - P.R., Penn Yann, NY
"Enjoyed the UC site, I was born and raised in Utica and consumed many glasses of Utica Club and Matts ... I agree that Utica Club needs to be kept alive and I hope the brand continues. I no longer live in the area, but I always drink UC when in town ... I also buy UC cases in Utica and bring it down to serve at parties, everyone loves this "blue collar brew". I find many people asking if I'll have UC available when I invite them."
     - J.A. Nanuet, NY
"... How I long for a crappy bar stool at Don's Rok on College Street and a cold Pilsner..."
     - B.B. Washington, D.C.
"... I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your Utica Club website. I drank a lot of UC in college in Boston twenty years ago, and thought that it had totally given way to Saranac. Imagine how surprised I was when UC recently appeared in grocery stores here in North Carolina. It seems to me that UC tastes a lot better today than it did in the 80s..."
     - W.M. Wilmington, N.C.

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