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All Things Utica Club: Steins

In 1959, the U.S. was introduced to Schultz und Dooley, the talking "spokesmugs" for the brewery. The mugs were actually wooden puppets and their voices (German and Irish respectively) were provided by none other than Jonathan Winters (a.k.a. Mork and Mindy's aged son). The commercials were a big success (they even won an award at Cannes) and helped spread the good word of UC around the country.

The brewery then started selling German-made Schultz and Dooley beer steins to fans and collectors. Now it seems that Schultz and Dooley ran out of things to talk about after a few years, so the brewery introduced another mug, Officer Sudds, in 1973. That mug was followed by a number of others and now there is a whole slew of peppy mugs to clutter your mantle. On any given day, you can find any one of these mugs for sale on Ebay, and they're generally not very cheap.

Just click on a stein, any stein:


(left to right: Schultz, Dooley)


(left to right: Bubbles LaBrew, Moon Man, Uncle Rudolph, Sir Oliver Wendell Foams, U-Cee, Old Man Stein)

(left to right: Countess, Santa Claus, Officer Sudds, Nurse Polly Pilsener, The Bartender, Fireman Fritz, The Giant)

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